New Android SDK version -

We're happy to announce our new Android SDK latest version! -

We added a very cool animated countdown indicator to our interstitial ad unit, providing the user enough time to view the ad. We also removed the "Skip" caption from the bottom right corner of the screen. The setBackButtonCanClose function was also removed

On our Fullscreen ad unit, we made the "X" close button show up with two seconds delay by default.

On our Native Ads ad unit, we made some touch-ups to the MediaView. If the view is positioned with width/height which is not in 16:9 ratio, the creative is centered vertically and horizontally. We also made the default background color of the MediaView set to black

As usual, our SDK version includes minor bug fixes and performance improvements


  • added: An animated count down animation to the Interstitial ad unit
  • fixed: "Skip" caption removed from the Interstitial ad unit
  • improved: The back button and the "Skip" caption is removed. The X button UX flow is improved
  • improved: The delay time to show the "X" button on the Fullscreen ad unit is set to two seconds by default
  • improved: The native ads ad unit MediaView is improved to handle none 16:9 sizes
  • added: The native ads ad unit MediaView default background color is set to black
  • fixed: Minor bug fixes and performance improvements