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Welcome to Appnext!

The Appnext Platform provides its publishing partners with patent-pending technologies and products for premium mobile monetization. Our users maximize the value of each ad impression with our top performing monetization products. We have it all: Video, Native ads, Interstitials, Interactive Widgets and more.

At Appnext, we believe in helping people experience apps. Putting users-first not only amplifies engagement and revenues but delivers optimized product and monetization experiences.


Register For an Appnext Account

You must first create an account with Appnext to be able to use this ad unit’s features.
If you do not have an Appnext account, copy the following URL to your browser: and sign up!


Create an App

Add a new App via the Appnext Self-Service Platform


Get a Unique ID

Apps -> Settings Icon-> Settings & Placements -> Placement ID (make sure to copy the Placement ID for both Android and iOS apps).

Unique ID
A unique ID called a “Placement ID” is required for all inbound requests. A Placement ID is a 32- character string generated by Appnext for every registered app.

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