Campaigns response

Appnext API response

"pixelImp": "",
"title": "ZEE5 -Movies, News, Shows",
"desc": "Watch full movies, Tv shows - Download the app !",
"urlImg": "",
"urlImgWide": "",
"urlApp": "",
"androidPackage": "com.graymatrix.did",
"revenueType": "cpi",
"revenueRate": "0.079",
"campaignGoal": "new",
"buttonText": "Watch",
"categories": "Entertainment",
"idx": "36",
"targetedDevices": "ALL",
"targetedOSver": "ALL",
"urlVideo": "",
"urlVideoHigh": "",
"urlVideo30Sec": "",
"urlVideo30SecHigh": "",
"bannerId": "652469",
"campaignId": "485825",
"country": "IN",
"campaignType": "network",
"supportedVersion": "4.0",
"storeRating": "4.1",
"storeDownloads": "50000000+",
"appSize": "28311552",
"min_ecpm": "0",
"market_url": "market://details?id=com.graymatrix.did&referrer=Appnext_VDHP039R9I82ATWG",
"sid": "9e6001cfdd02430cb35ea8ab72178008",
"lurl": "${AUCTION_LOSS}",
"domain": ""


Important Fields

pixelImp - The impression URL that needs to be fired when loading an ad
urlImg & urlImgWide - links to the creatives of the campaign
urlApp - The click URL that needs to be fired when a user is clicking an ad
campaignGoal - The campaign goal – user acquisition or re-engagement
market_url - The URL of the store that needs to be opened (only for s2s integration)


No ads response

In some cases like Capping /Geo-Targeting/end of banner inventory – the
Appnext’s ad server can return No Ads response.
Sample JSON:

    “rnd”: [
               “cb”: “…”


Data returned in Appnext API response

Appnext API returns raw-data (JSON format) of Android or iOS apps,
promoted through campaigns by advertisers in the Appnext platform,
which specifically target your app placement. Data includes the advertiser’s app
creative content, current bid, tracking link, ad-serving weight, etc.


Requesting app data

A “Placement ID”, which is a unique key generated by the Appnext platform,
must be added to the API call in order to receive apps data.
Requesting the API with an Android Placement ID will return Android
targeted campaigns and requesting it with an iOS Placement ID will return
iOS targeted campaigns. Only one OS can be called in a single API call.


Campaign inventory

Each API request will return up to 200 app records for a targeted GEO. The
targeted GEO will be determined as the client-side GEO. For example: when
calling the API form a device located in the US, the API will return campaigns
that are targeting US users.
Every campaign running has a daily cap (budget). Once a campaign has
depleted its daily cap it will be paused until the following day. A campaign
that was paused, might not redirect to the store, and will not be eligible for