Measurement and reporting


Time Zone

All of the Appnext Native Ads API events are set to GMT 0 time zone.
The related measurements and reporting of the API are adjusted accordantly.


Impressions reporting

Counting impressions accurately is important for performance calculations.
Adding &pimp=1 to the API string will provide a field to the returned banners
< pixelImp > that provides an impression reporting URL for the provided banner.
It is mandatory to call the < pixelImp > URL each time the banner is displayed
to the end-users. 1 call = 1 impression logged.

"pixelImp": "",
"title": "ZEE5 -Movies, News, Shows",


Clicks reporting

Appnext counts a click whenever the download link (urlApp), provided by the
API for each app, is clicked. It is highly important to use the provided download
link in order to direct the user to the market, as this is the only way to track app


Important Note

Do not preload / pre-fetch the urlApp links, as this will generate
additional costs to our Advertisers who are using 3rd party tracking solutions
for conversion tracking.



A Postback (also known as a callback) is a server-to-server call made by
Appnext’s server to a publisher’s server with the purpose of notifying him of a
conversion (install) made through his app/website.

You may choose to receive the following parameters in each Postback call:

  • Postback parameter – any custom parameter
  • Revenue – the CPI revenue generated for the install
  • Package – the app package
  • Device ID – the device’s advertising ID / IDFA
  • User IP – user’s IP address
  • Placement ID – the placement ID through which the installation was made

Passing a Postback parameter
You can pass a different Postback value for each campaign returned by the API.
Once a successful install is made, Appnext will call your Postback URL, with the
Postback value passed. In order to pass a Postback value, make sure to add the
“&pbk=” parameter in the API call.

Appnext will send Postbacks from these IP addresses:,
and make sure to white-list these addresses.

Receiving Postbacks
In order to receive Postbacks, you should provide Appnext with a Postback URL.
The Postback URL is the endpoint at your server or third-party tracking service,
to which we will be sending the Postback.
If you are interested in receiving a Postback, please make sure to set your
Postback URL under your app’s settings in “Apps” / “Settings & Placements” /
“Advanced Settings”.



It is the responsibility of each media partner and/or its sub-publishers to handle
the GDPR requirements for EU subjects. Do not pass the advertising ID (AAID/
IDFA) in cases where the user did not provide consent or when there is no
legitimate interest legal basis in use.