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Manual Integration

(Not recommended)

Step 1: Get SDK files

Download the AAR files from
The ZIP file includes the following AAR files;

  • AppnextAndroidSDKCore.aar - SDK core
  • AppnextAndroidSDKAds.aar - Interstitial and fullscreen/rewarded ad units
  • AppnextAndroidSDKBanners.aar - Banners ad unit
  • AppnextAndroidSDKNativeAds.aar - Native ads ad unit

Step 2: Add AAR files to Your Project

Extract the ZIP file and add the relevant AAR files to your "libs" folder in your project;

  • You must add the AppnextAndroidSDKCore.aar file (make sure to add it only once)

Step 3: Add the relevant AAR files to your project

  • Add one or more AAR files according to your relevant ad unit integration
  • All AAR files must be from the same version (download the latest ZIP file to be sure)
dependencies {
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKAds.aar', ext:'aar'
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKBanners.aar', ext:'aar'
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKNativeAds.aar', ext:'aar'
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKActions.aar', ext:'aar'
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKCore.aar', ext:'aar' // Mandatory
  implementation '' // Mandatory


adding the Interstitial and fullscreen/rewarded will be implemented following way:

dependencies {
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKAds.aar', ext:'aar' // Interstitial and fullscreen/rewarded
  implementation name:'AppnextAndroidSDKCore.aar', ext:'aar' // Mandatory
  implementation '' // Mandatory

Step 4: Update the ProGuard Configuration

-keep class com.appnext.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.appnext.**

Done !

Now when you integrated AppNext SDK with your app,
Go ahead and implement an ad unit !

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Manual Integration

(Not recommended)

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