MAX Applovin Adapter Integration

This document gives you a step-by-step guideline for AppLovin MAX Adapter integration with Appnext SDK as a custom SDK ad network.

Step 1: Sign to MAX Dashboard

Sign up to MAX Dashboard or sign in your account.

Step 2: SDK key

In the MAX Dashboard, go to General > Keys:


Copy the ‘SDK key’ string and implement this key in your app Manifest:


Step 3: Add Custom SDK network

Select MAX > Mediation > Manage > Networks, and then click the Click here to add a Custom Network button. The Create Custom Network page appears.


Add the information about your custom network:
• Network Type: choose SDK.
• Name: Appnext
• Android Adapter Class Name: com.applovin.mediation.adapters.AppNextMediationAdapter


Step 4: Create your Ad units

Go to MAX > Mediation > Manage > Ad Units and create the ad units for which you want to add Appnext as a custom SDK network from the “Create an ad” button.


We support the following ad units:

  • Banner
  • Rewarded
  • Interstitial
  • Fullscreen video (set as Interstitial ad type)

Define the Ad unit according to your preference:
1- Name the Ad unit
2- Choose the platforms and add your package name or bundle ID
3- Set the Ad type



If you create a Fullscreen video ad unit choose Ad type interstitial

4- Set your default waterfall to the ad unit
5- Enable the “Appnext” Custom Network and add it to the waterfall.


Set the relevant information for each placement:

  • App ID (optional)
  • Placement ID – as you have from AppNext
  • Custom Parameters (optional)


If you create a Fullscreen video ad unit, add the following custom parameter:

  • CPM price
  • Country targeting
  • Additional settings as for your preference (Frequency capping and Bid floor)

6- Click SAVE. Changes will load after 30-60 min