Suggested Apps

Ad Unit Integration


SDK Installation

  • "Suggested Apps" Ad unit is supported only from SDK version 2.4.7.*
  • Make sure to Install the SDK in your Android Studio project as described here

Before you start make sure you have the following requirements:

  • SDK version 2.4.7+
  • SDK already implemented

Step 1: Add "Suggested App" Ad Unit to Layout XML


Available sizes for the Suggested Apps

Ad unit height sizeAvailability
50will be available soon
250will be available soon

Step 2: Load "Suggested App" Ad Unit

AppnextDesignedNativeAdView appnextDesignedNativeAdView = findViewById(;
appnextDesignedNativeAdView.load("<PLACE_YOUR_PLACEMENT_ID_HERE>", new AppnextDesignedNativeAdViewCallbacks() {
    public void onAppnextAdsLoadedSuccessfully() {
  	public void onAdClicked(AppnextDesignedNativeAdData appnextDesignedNativeAdData) {
    public void onAppnextAdsError(AppnextError error) {
  • Make sure to make the adunit available in the view hierarchy
  • Make sure to provide a valid Appnext placement id

That's it ! now it should work , if you wish to change any layout parameters please follow the steps below

Step 3: Advanced configuration: (Optional)

by adding the following configurations to layout XML, you would be able to control part of the visual parameters

appnext:title="Recommended Apps"
appnext:amountOfApps="5" ///value can be between 2-5

Example Project

You can download an example project (Android Studio) from our Github page here.

Integration Support

if you encounter any problems integrating the product, please submit a request for support emailing [email protected]